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When it's done right..

they won't see it.

Long Lashes


The most natural looking eyebrows. Never fret about your eyebrows again. Sweatproof, waterproof, always on fleek! Multiple techniques are available to make your eyebrows perfect for YOUR face.

5.0  STAR Reviews...

Lori Lee

3 reviews

a day ago

Thank you Lisa for taking the time to measure, plan, and prepare for the perfect shaped brows. This is no small thing to let someone basically tattoo on your face and I was nervous. Turns out Lisa was incredibly skilled. I appreciate her calm, her expertise, and a job well done.


Amy Ambellan

1 review

As a makeup artist, I have to say she was so professional and very precise in her work. It was relaxing and I didn’t even feel a thing!! Most of all my brows look amazing and she matched the color perfectly!! Truly the best!

Justin Smith

4 reviews · 1 photo

Lisa is the best! if for any reason you are not happy with the results she will fix it even if that means another appointment or 2 on the house, she did the Micropigmentation on my head & she by far had the best prices around outta LA & OC


Jennet Snow

4 reviews

I had microblading done by Lisa at OC Browz and I love the result. One thing I was nervous about was my brows not looking very natural after ward. But she knew exactly what color of pigment to use with my skin tone and hair color and followed the natural shape of my brows. I am so happy with my eyebrows and am so excited that I won't have to fill in my brows every morning anymore. I highly recommend Lisa, she is professional, friendly, patient, and has a natural talent for what she does.


2 reviews · 1 photo

Today was my follow up session and I am really happy with my results. Lisa is great and definitely knows what she is doing. She is very thorough and professional. She made me laugh so much I forgot about the pain. I would definitely recommend her service. I will be coming back to her for my future touch ups.


TJ Andrezze

28 reviews

Lisa is very professional and friendly personality. My eyebrows are simply beautiful.

About Lisa

Lisa Klein is a Certified Microblading Specialist, Permanent Makeup Technician, Cosmetic Tattoo Artist,  Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist, Paramedical Tattoo Specialist and is Certified in Brazilian Method Stretch Mark Tattoo Camouflage. She is a contributor on many professional forums. She has an international clientele and has performed over 1000 procedures.

Lisa Klein

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