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Permanent Eyeliner

Closed Eye

THIS... is a game changer! 

Permanent eyeliner is applied in and slightly above the lash line to fill in the spaces between your lashes to create the appearance of natural full lashes. We get in the space you can't really reach with your eyeliner pencil. You can pretty much step out the door on any given day and rest assured you won't look like a washed out ghost. The liner is not overly dramatic and we don't do "wings".  (you will still need to paint those on if you rock them)

The most common question is "does it hurt... you know...being so close to the eye?" The answer is...Not really... and Not any more than any other procedure. You are topically numbed for the procedure and many clients find it pain-free. Your eye area tends to heal faster than other parts of your body. You may be a little swollen after the 1st day (like you were crying after a nasty break-up). But by the 2nd to 3rd day you will wake up and look in the mirror and say "HOT DAMN!". SOOOO worth it!

What to Expect:
The treatment consists of 2 parts.
Part 1-The first is an initial session. This takes approximately 1 1/2 hours. We will determine your perfect natural eyeliner. A topical numbing cream is used.
Part 2- Second is your Enhancement Session. Once you have healed and your pigment is set in we touch up any areas that need a little extra pigment or shape to make your eyeliner PERFECT! (4-6 weeks later.)

Part 3-All procedures are semi-permanent. Which means they can last a year or 10 years...depending on how quickly your body breaks down the pigment.

* If you wear eyelash extensions, come before your next fill...the procedure will cause you to loose a few.

* If you don't wear extensions, no will leave with all of your eyelashes you came with!

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