Eyebrow Services

Long Lashes

Here are the basics on the procedures...

Microblading- is done with a microblade or Nanoblade. It achieves hairlike strokes.

Powder Brow- (Microshading)  is done using a specialized machine. It achieves a soft powder look. It is great for most skin types and ages nicely. It looks as if you used an eyebrow pencil and can be combined with microblading to achieve a hair/powder look in a Combination Brow Procedure. It can also be done as Ombre meaning Dark at the tail of the brow and light in the middle.


Combination Brow ( Hybrid Brows) - combines microblading and microshading to achieve a fuller looking brow and adds dimension and additional color.

All of these procedures achieve the most natural-looking semi-permanent brows available. If you are confused with too many options...usually, Microblading works for almost everyone. You can start there.  

At your appointment, a method called "Brow Mapping" is used to mathematically measure your face based on your natural features, the beauty ratio, and a lot of measured lines. Once we have the shape of your new eyebrows established we prepare for Microblading. Microblading is performed by using a hand instrument with a row of very fine needles on the end. Pigment matched to your features is applied with these needles into the basal membrane layer of skin (which divides the epidermis from the dermis) using fine feathering strokes. A topical numbing cream is used to ensure maximum comfort. The result is very crisp, fine hair-looking strokes that will not blur. The total healing process can take up to 7 days and the pigment is set in within 4-6 weeks. You can enjoy waterproof, sweat-proof, natural-looking full brows for up to 3+ years. Depending on your skin, you may require touch-up sessions every year or so.

Microblading is an art. It is intricate and involves multiple factors.  Specialized tools are required for this procedure, and a very stable and experienced hand as well.   All of our tools are disposable. The highest sanitary precautions/procedures are in place to minimize any chance of infection. Our technicians and facility are licensed by the Orange County Department of Health.

Once the procedure is done, there is an immediate need to touch up the eyebrows after  4-6 weeks (your Enhancement Session). This needs an additional level of skill and a keen eye for sculpting and color adjustment to make sure that your brows are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!


What to Expect:
The treatment consists of 2 parts.
Part 1-The first is an initial session. This takes approximately 1 1/2 hours. We will determine your perfect brow shape and color and then apply the pigment. A topical numbing cream is used.
Part 2- Second is your enhancement session. With Microblading only about 30% of my clients need to  come back for an Enhancement Session....All other procedures will likely require it. Once you have healed and your pigment is set in we touch up any areas that need a little extra pigment or shape to make your brows absolutely FABULOUS! (4-6 weeks later.)

Part 3- Maintenance- Depending on your skin, you will need Touch Up sessions. This can vary greatly between 6 months to 2+ years. When you are ready, just schedule your Touch-Up.