Natural Enhancement
Artistically Natural. We know eyebrows are not "one size fits all".
Its all in the details!
A light touch on this blonde resulted in perfection!
Natural color and shape.
I use alot of math and measuring to determine the best BROWZ for your face. Every face is different, so your BROWZ will be unique to your face.
Hairline Procedure
A combination of SMP and Microblading was used on this client to fill in balding area on frontal hairline.
Eyeliner Procedure
Eyeliner is applied in the lash line resulting in a natural look.
Better Browz!
A previously tattooed client gets a great upgrade.
And then she had BROWZ!
Repair of another salon's work.
It's your face...don't gamble on whether another salon knows what they are doing or not. Microblading truly is art.
Scalp Micropigmentation
Micropigmentation was performed on this client to create the appearance of natural hair growth.
She had great brows to begin they are just plain FABULOUS!
Natural Perfection
Care to guess what is hair and what is microbladed?
Permanent Hair Loss
Due to a skin procedure client lost 1/2 her brow...well, now its back with the aid of the microblade!
Hombre Effect
Immediately after, will lighten to reveal some awesome looking brows!
Natural Look
Busy young mother wanted a low maintenance natural look.
Blonde Perfection
The red around the brows is from marker used during procedure. It will wash off- but her gorgeous Browz won't!
Full Lip Procedure
Male client desired more color consistency through brow line.
Big Diff!
Brow and Liner Procedure
Eyes are slightly swollen after eyeliner procedure, but results are amazing.
Powder Fill
Scar conceal and definition.
No Hair Microblading
Beautiful build up.
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And then she had BROWZ!